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Everything about Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound is a massive and sturdy dog breed that has its origins in Ireland. Here is some comprehensive breed information regarding Irish Wolfhounds in various aspects:
Irish Wolfhound for sale


Irish Wolfhounds are among the tallest dog breeds; males must be at least 32 inches (81 cm) height at the shoulder, while females must be at least 30 inches (76 cm) tall.


Females weigh between 105 and 135 pounds, while males weigh between 120 and 180 pounds (54-82 kg) (48-61 kg)


An Irish Wolfhound typically lives 6 to 8 years, which is not very long when compared to other breeds. Those who receive the right care and attention might live longer.


Irish Wolfhounds have a rough, wiry double coat that repels water. Coarse on the outside and soft and thick underneath.

Coat length

The coat length of an Irish Wolfhound is medium to long, with hair growing longer on the body, legs, and tail.

Shedding and grooming

Irish Wolfhounds shed moderately throughout the year and heavily during seasonal changes. They require regular brushing to prevent matting and tangling. They also need occasional bathing and trimming of their nails and hair around their paws.


Irish Wolfhounds are generally calm and laid-back dogs. They require moderate exercise to keep them healthy and happy, such as daily walks or short runs.


Irish Wolfhounds are not known to be excessive barkers. They may bark to alert their owners of visitors or strangers, but they are generally quiet dogs.


Irish Wolfhounds are thought to be intelligent canines, yet they do not always listen to directions. They tend to be autonomous and may need extra encouragement to learn new things.

Adaptability and trainability

Irish Wolfhounds are versatile dogs that may thrive in many living settings as long as they have adequate room to wander around. They are also trainable dogs. They can be trained using persistence and positive reward techniques because they are intelligent dogs.

Affectionate with family

Irish Wolfhounds are renowned for their kind and loving personalities when it comes to their loved ones. They are happy to be with their owners and are wonderful companions.

Good with young children

Irish Wolfhounds are generally good with children and can be very gentle with them. However, due to their large size, they may unintentionally knock over small children, so supervision is recommended.

Good with other dogs and animals

Irish Wolfhounds are generally friendly towards other dogs and animals, as long as they are properly socialized from a young age.

Behavior towards strangers

Irish Wolfhounds are generally friendly towards strangers, but they may be reserved or cautious until they get to know them better. They may also act as a deterrent to potential intruders due to their size and appearance.

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Health guarantees and veterinary check-ups for Irish Wolfhound for Sale

Verifying that Irish Wolfhound puppies for sale are healthy and have gotten the necessary veterinary care is crucial. Consider the following when it comes to veterinarian examinations and health guarantees:


  • Health guarantee:

    A health guarantee is a written agreement between the breeder and the buyer that outlines the conditions under which the breeder will take responsibility for the health of the Irish Wolfhound. This agreement usually covers genetic health issues and ensures that the puppy is free from any inherited diseases or conditions. The guarantee may also cover other health-related issues that may arise within a specific timeframe after purchase. The length of the guarantee and the specific terms and conditions may vary depending on the breeder.

  • Veterinarian examinations:

    Essential veterinary care, like routine checkups and vaccines, should be given to the Irish Wolfhound puppy by a responsible breeder. Buyers should be given documentation of these examinations and immunizations from the breeder. To confirm that the puppy is healthy and free from any underlying medical conditions, the breeder should also have the puppy evaluated by a qualified veterinarian before selling it. The veterinarian should provide a copy of the examination report to the buyer.

  • Health testing:

    Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and bloat are just a few of the inherited health issues that Irish Wolfhounds are prone to. To make sure that the parents of the puppies are not carriers of these diseases, a reputable breeder should run health testing on them. The findings of these tests have to be available to the customer from the breeder. The purchaser should also be knowledgeable about any potential health problems related to the breed and ready to provide the puppy with the necessary care for the duration of its life.

  • Support after purchase:

    Even after the puppy has been sold, a good breeder will still support the buyer. Advice on diet, exercise, and medical care are possible components of this support. Also, the breeder ought to be accessible to respond to any inquiries from the buyer and offer support in the event thatif the puppy experiences any medical problems. This assistance might also come in the form of a refund policy or a promise from the breeder to take the puppy back if the purchaser is unable to care for it.

Before buying an Irish Wolfhound puppy, it’s crucial to familiarise yourself with the legal procedures and necessary papers. Here’s a succinct summary:


  • Registration:

    Be sure the puppy is registered with a respectable organization when buying an Irish Wolfhound, such as the American Kennel Club (AKC) or the United Kennel Club (UKC). The dog’s registration guarantees that it is a purebred Irish Wolfhound and offers proof of the dog’s pedigree. This is beneficial for both spotting potential health problems and presenting the dog in confirmation competitions. The required registration documents must be given to the purchaser by the breeder.

  • Microchipping:

    During the microchipping surgery, a tiny identifying device called a microchip is implanted under the Irish Wolfhound’s skin. A dedicated scanner can be used to read the microchip’s distinctive identifying number. As a permanent form of identification for the dog, microchipping is frequently a prerequisite in many countries. It aids in the reunion of stolen or lost dogs with their owners. Make sure your current contact information is included in the registration and maintenance of the microchip information.

  • Health Certificate:

    A professional veterinarian will certify that the Irish Wolfhound is healthy and clear of any contagious diseases by issuing a health certificate. Every dog going overseas or across state boundaries must have this certificate. Getting a health certificate is crucial even if the puppy won’t be traveling because it serves as proof of the dog’s condition at the time of purchase. The breeder must give the buyer a copy of the health certificate.

  • Sales contract:

    The terms and circumstances of the sale of the Irish Wolfhound are set up in a sales contract, which is a legal document. Information like the purchase price, payment conditions, any health guarantees or warranties, return policies, and the duties of both the customer and the seller should all be included. Both parties should sign the agreement, and each should receive a copy. In the event of any issues or disagreements, the contract can aid in defending both the buyer and the seller.

    It’s crucial to have the necessary papers and documentation before purchasing an Irish Wolfhound puppy. This will guarantee the health of your new pet in addition to safeguarding you as the buyer. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t be afraid to ask the breeder or a local animal welfare organization for guidance.

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How Much Does an Irish Wolfhound Cost?
The price of an Irish Wolfhound can vary depending on a number of elements, including the breeder’s reputation, location, pedigree, and puppy age. An Irish Wolfhound can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500 on average. For puppies with extraordinary bloodlines, some breeders may charge significantly more, while others may charge less for puppies that do not adhere to breed requirements. Finding a trustworthy breeder who offers health guarantees, veterinary examinations, and official registration documents requires investigation. Budgeting is also necessary for recurring costs like food, veterinary care, and grooming.
Is Irish Wolfhound a Good Family Dog?
For the proper family, the Irish Wolfhound can be an excellent family pet. They are renowned for being kind, devoted, and affectionate, particularly towards kids. They are a fantastic choice for families with kids of all ages because of their tranquil and forgiving disposition. However, given to their size, they may not be appropriate for apartment living as they need a lot of area to exercise. They require routine grooming to keep their lengthy coat in good condition. To avoid any potential behavioural disorders, it is crucial to socialise and train them from an early age.
Do Irish Wolfhound bark a lot?
Irish Wolfhounds don’t typically bark a lot. They are often not prone to excessive vocalization and have a calm, quiet temperament. However, just like all dogs, they could bark to let their owners know about potential threats or to express a desire. They may also bark out of boredom, worry, or lack of activity if they are not properly taught. Early socialisation and training might stop dogs from barking too much. In order to keep them relaxed and content, it’s crucial to provide them with a lot of exercises and cerebral stimulation.
Are Irish Wolfhounds Easy to Train?

Irish Wolfhounds can be challenging to train due to their independent nature and tendency to be easily distracted. They are intelligent dogs and can learn quickly with the right training methods. Positive reinforcement techniques, such as rewards-based training, can be effective in teaching them new behaviors. However, they can be sensitive and respond poorly to harsh training methods or punishment. It is important to start training early and to be consistent with training sessions. Early socialization is also essential to help them develop good manners and prevent behavioral issues. Professional training and guidance may be necessary for some owners to achieve the best results.

Are Irish Wolfhounds high maintenance?

Irish Wolfhounds require moderate to high levels of maintenance due to their large size and long coat. They shed moderately throughout the year and require regular grooming to prevent matting and tangles. They also require regular exercise and a balanced diet to maintain their overall health and well-being. They can be prone to certain health issues, such as bloat and heart problems, which may require regular vet check-ups and monitoring. Additionally, they may require specialized care, such as extra padding in their beds or ramps to help them get in and out of vehicles due to their size. Overall, they are a moderately high-maintenance breed but are well worth the effort for those who appreciate their gentle and loyal nature.

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