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Petmeetly is one of the fastest-growing platform for dog owners who are looking for a mate for their beloved pet. Whether you have a young and energetic dog who needs a mating partner, Petmeetly can help you find a perfect match.

As a dog owner, you need to create a profile on our platform and fill out the information about your dog, like breed, age, and personality.

Petmeetly is a safe and ethical breeding platform where you can find the perfect mate for your dog. With just a few steps, you can connect with many dog owners. Don’t wait. Click on the button below and find the partner for your pet.

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Tips for Choosing a Responsible Dog Breeder and Preparing for a New Puppy

Choosing a responsible breeder for your dog:

If you’re looking to ‘breed my dog’ or ‘breed your dog, it’s super important to connect with a responsible breeder. Here’s a little insider tip: Check if they’re part of a well-known breeding club or organization. Partner health is one of the biggest concerns for us. You can check all essential points like health, dog age, and Dog history. We provide you with all information.

What to look for in a healthy puppy:

When getting a puppy into your home, first of all, check for three things: a shiny coat shows good health, bright eyes indicate energy and curiosity, and a steady gait means strength. Discuss medical history with breeders – diet, vaccines, deworming. An energetic, tail-wagging puppy will likely grow into a vigorous, healthy dog – your ideal new best friend!

Preparing for a new puppy:

Before bringing a new puppy into your home, ensure your home and yard are puppy-proof. You should have a proper Stock-up on a food bowl, collar, leash, bed, and toys. Consider enrolling in a puppy training class, and be prepared for the time and commitment required to train and socialize your new companion properly.


Thank you Petmeetly.
We found Oliver for our Stacy, and it was Love at first sight. They had a good time together, and we are now waiting for the pups.

Ellie C.

Flushing, Queens, NY

Petmeetly, You are just awesome.
I was a bit pessimistic to start with as I have tried a couple of other websites without any success. But after my first conversation here with a pet owner, I got excited to see that this is real. We could not be happier with our new family members.

Stephanie S.

Manhattan, New York, NY

Petmeetly is the best.
Unlike so many match finders out there, these guys are not scammers. They connect with real people and real dog profiles with real photos.

Victor N

Orange, CA

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) about Dog Breeding

When should you breed a dog for the first time?

According to veterinary doctors, breeding female dogs at two years minimum for safety, and health. Consult veterinarians on timing risks based on breed lineage. Select a responsible breeder focused on emotional and physical dog wellbeing, not profit. Breeding too early too often compromises maternal health. Give patience and love; puppies will come when she’s ready.

How often can you breed your dog?

When it comes to breeding dogs, you must consider mama’s wellbeing. Having litter after litter can take a major toll on her body. Though those boy dogs may be eager for action, females need recovery time between pregnancies to bounce back. For most breeds, limiting females to one litter per year is healthiest. Rushing it can harm their health and lead to issues for puppies too. As for males, while they can technically mate more often, regular check-ups and proper care are still essential to keep studs in good shape. Being patient allows Mama time to heal and is best for happy, healthy pups all around!

What does the term "heat" mean in dog breeding?
When people say a female dog is “in heat,” they’re talking about her fertile time for getting pregnant. It’s a time when her body releases eggs, and she wants to mate with male dogs. For most dog breeds, heat cycles time around every 6 months to a year and last about 2-3 weeks. During heating time, the female dog’s genitals enlarge, she urinates more, gets restless or clingy, and gives off a scent that drives male pooches crazy. So you have to keep her away from the guys unless you want a litter of puppies!
What is the approximate expense involved in dog breeding?
Some common costs associated with dog breeding are:

  • Stud Charge: You may have to charge a stud fee to employ a male dog to breed a female dog.
  • Whelping Supplies: Before and during breeding, both male and female canines must be healthy and genetically disease-free. Vaccinations, genetic testing, and veterinarian checkups may be required.
  • Veterinary consultation: Before and during breeding, both male and female dogs must be healthy and genetically disease-free. It includes vaccinations, genetic testing, and veterinarian checkups, which may be required according to the veterinary consultations.
  • Feeding & Care of Puppies: Make sure mama dogs get plenty of nutrition while nursing. Once they start nibbling healthy food, give puppies high-quality chow made just for their growing bodies. Remember to chew toys to soothe sore gums and regular vet checks for vaccinations. With good care now, they’ll grow into happy, healthy dogs!

Kindly Note: The dogs listed on this page or any other locations listed on our website, are not pre-screened, and we accept no responsibility for the breeders’ certifications, guarantees, commitments, quality of service, or reputation. We highly recommend you interview them and ascertain dog breed standards before dealing with them.

Hey dog lovers, Are you looking for a trusted and reliable dog breeder near you?

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