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Petmeetly helps you find a Buck or a Doe from 1000’s of rabbits

Petmeetly is the perfect solution for rabbit owners who are looking for a mate for their furry friend. Whether you have a young, energetic rabbit who needs a playmate or an older one who could use some company, Petmeetly can help you find the perfect match.

Create a profile for your rabbit, including information about its breed, age, and personality. You can then browse profiles of other rabbits in your area and connect with their owners to arrange playdates or meet-ups.

Petmeetly is a safe and convenient way to find the perfect mate for your rabbit. With just a few taps, you can connect with other rabbit owners and help your rabbit make new friends. So why wait?

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Tips for Choosing a Responsible Rabbit Breeder and Preparing for a New Bunny

Selecting a Reputable Breeder:
Look for a breeder that belongs to a respected breeding club or organization and can produce health clearances for both the parents. Visit the breeder’s facilities to view the parents of the rabbit you choose..
What you should look for in a healthy bunny:
Clear and attentive eyes, glossy hair, clean claws, clean teeth, and discharge-free ears and nostrils are all signs of good health. Consistent, steady breathing is also a common indicator of wellness. Rabbits in excellent condition also tend to twitch their noses a lot.
Getting Ready for a New Bunny:
To prepare your home for a new rabbit, provide a secure and pleasant living environment for them. This involves acquiring a large cage or pen, filling it with soft bedding material such as hay, and offering lots of toys and chewable objects. You should also bunny-proof your house by concealing electrical wires and eliminating any harmful things. It is also critical to offer a litter box and ensure that they have access to exercise and play spaces.


Thank you Petmeetly.
We found Oliver for our Stacy, and it was Love at first sight. They had a good time together, and we are now waiting for the pups.

Ellie C.

Flushing, Queens, NY

Petmeetly, You are just awesome.
I was a bit pessimistic to start with as I have tried a couple of other websites without any success. But after my first conversation here with a pet owner, I got excited to see that this is real. We could not be happier with our new family members.

Stephanie S.

Manhattan, New York, NY

Petmeetly is the best.
Unlike so many match finders out there, these guys are not scammers. They connect with real people and real dog profiles with real photos.

Victor N

Orange, CA

Frequently Asked Questions about Rabbit Breeding

What you need to know about breeding rabbits?

Breeding rabbits requires a thorough understanding of genetics, as well as correct housing, feeding, and medical care for both the breeding rabbits and their progeny. It is critical to have a strategy in place to locate homes for the offspring while also maintaining the health and wellbeing of all rabbits involved. Before breeding, it is critical to examine and comprehend rabbit genetics as well as any hereditary health risks. Furthermore, it is critical to understand the responsibility and commitment necessary for effective breeding.

What is the best age for rabbits to breed?

Rabbits normally attain sexual maturity between the ages of 4 and 8 months, with females maturing sooner than males. To guarantee a rabbit’s physical development, it is advised that they be at least 6 months old before breeding. Breeding before this age might result in health problems for both the mother and her child. Regular veterinarian examinations and good diet are essential for a rabbit’s reproductive health throughout their breeding years.

How long do you have to leave rabbits together to breed?

Rabbits may be allowed together for around 10-15 minutes at a time to reproduce. Before leaving them unattended, it is critical to observe their behavior and ensure that they are comfortable with each other. It’s also critical to ensure that the doe is in heat and ready to breed. Overbreeding may cause health concerns for the doe, thus breeding should be limited to a few times each year.

How often can you breed your rabbit?

Rabbits have a high reproductive rate and may breed all year, with the spring and summer being the busiest breeding seasons. Female rabbits have a 31-day gestation cycle and may bear litters of 4-12 kits (baby rabbits). It is advisable to wait at least 6 months before breeding a female rabbit, and to space litters no closer than 4-6 months apart to enable the mother time to recuperate and preserve their health. However, it’s vital to remember that excessive breeding may have a negative impact on a rabbit’s health and well-being.

What are the costs associated with rabbit breeding?

The expenses of rabbit breeding may vary substantially based on the size of the business, the kind of rabbits raised, and the resources needed to keep them. Feed, housing, veterinary care, and genetic testing are all frequent expenditures. Buying high-quality breeding rabbits might cost several hundred to several thousand dollars. Before beginning a rabbit breeding operation, it is critical to evaluate these expenditures and create a detailed budget.

Kindly Note: The rabbits listed on this page or any other locations listed on our website, petmeetly.com are not pre-screened, and we accept no responsibility for the breeders’ certifications, guarantees, commitments, quality of service, or reputation. We highly recommend you interview them and ascertain rabbit breed standards before dealing with them.

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