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How to Adopt a Dog?

Adopting a dog is a serious decision that demands much consideration and preparation.

Select what kind of pet you want:

Before you start the adoption procedure, you should decide what kind of dog you want. Size, energy level, and general compatibility with your lifestyle are all important considerations.

Research adoption organizations:

Pet adoption services are provided by a variety of organizations, including animal shelters, rescue groups, and breed-specific organisations. Investigate many groups in your region to pick one that shares your beliefs and tastes.

Prepare your house:

Make sure your living environment is suitable for a furry buddy before bringing your new pet home.

How to Rehome a Dog?

Rehoming a pet can be a difficult but sometimes necessary step for both the animal’s and the owner’s well-being.

Here’s a guide to ensure a responsible rehoming process:

Evaluate the situation:

Consider the reasons behind rehoming and whether issues such as behavior, health, or lifestyle changes can be addressed through professional help.

Locate an appropriate new home:

Find a place where your dog will receive love and proper care to meet their needs.

Thoroughly vet potential adopters:

Before handing over your pet, verify references, inspect the home, and have the adopters sign a formal adoption agreement.

Maintain contact:

Keep in touch with the new family and offer ongoing support as needed to ensure the pet’s happiness in their new home.

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PetMeetly made finding our new pup a breeze! The search filters allowed us to find the perfect breed and location, and the detailed profiles gave us all the information we needed to make a confident decision. Thank you, PetMeetly!

Sarah B.

Los Angeles

Petmeetly was a lifesaver when we needed to rehome our dog. The team was incredibly understanding and found a loving new home for our furry friend within just a few days. Thank you, Petmeetly!

David Johnson

Chicago, IL

I adopted my new best friend Rony through PetMeetly and I couldn’t be happier. The platform was user-friendly and the support team was incredibly helpful.

Maria T.

New York

Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Adoption

What are the costs associated with adopting or rehoming a dog or puppy?

The costs associated with adopting or rehoming a dog can include adoption fees, transportation costs, vet checkups, vaccinations, spaying/neutering, microchipping, and any necessary medical treatments. Some rescues or shelters may also require an adoption contract or donation. Additionally, ongoing costs like food, supplies, and vet care should be considered. It is important to thoroughly research and plan for the financial responsibilities of pet ownership before making the decision to adopt or rehome a dog.

What are the benefits of adopting an older dog compared to a puppy?

Adopting an older dog has several advantages compared to bringing home a puppy. Older dogs are generally calmer, easier to train, and already have established personalities and behaviors. They are often already housebroken, saving time and effort in the potty-training process. Additionally, older dogs often have a lower energy level and may be a better fit for older individuals or families with less time for exercise and training. They may also have already undergone basic training, making the transition into their new home smoother. Furthermore, older dogs may greatly appreciate their new home and owners and form strong bonds quickly.

At what age can puppies be adopted?

Typically, puppies can be adopted at 8-12 weeks of age. This is when they have had their initial vaccinations and have been weaned from their mother. Adopting a puppy at this age allows the new owner to bond with the puppy and start training and socializing them early. However, it’s important to remember that puppies require a significant amount of time, effort, and patience for training and care.

How can I find out more about the dog or puppy's background and medical history?

When adopting or rehoming a dog or puppy, it is essential to investigate their past and medical history to ensure that they would be a suitable match for your family. Contacting the shelter, breeder, or prior owner for information is one approach to discover more. In addition, consider arranging a veterinarian visit to evaluate the pet’s health and collect information about any prior medical concerns and treatments. It is also essential to get paperwork, such as veterinarian records, in order to fully comprehend the pet’s origins and health history.

How do I train and socialize my new dog or puppy?
Training and socializing your new dog or puppy is essential for their development and well-being. Start with basic commands such as “sit”, “stay”, and “come”. Gradually increase the difficulty of the commands. Socialization involves exposing your dog to different environments, people, and other animals. This helps build their confidence and reduce fear and aggression. Reward-based training methods are recommended. Consider enrolling in a training class or seeking professional help if needed. Consistency and patience are key in the training process.

Kindly Note: The dogs listed on this page or any other locations listed on our website, are not pre-screened, and we accept no responsibility for the breeders’ certifications, guarantees, commitments, quality of service, or reputation. We highly recommend you interview them and ascertain dog breed standards before dealing with them.

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