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Petmeetly helps you find a Buck or a Doe from 1000’s of Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Pet Rats, and other rodents.

Petmeetly is the perfect solution for rodent owners who are looking for a mate for their furry friend. Whether you have a young, energetic pet who needs a playmate or an older one who could use some company, Petmeetly can help you find the perfect match.

Create a profile for your pet, including information about its breed, age, and personality. You can then browse profiles of other rodents in your area and connect with their owners to arrange playdates or meet-ups.

Petmeetly is a safe and convenient way to find the perfect mate for your pet. With just a few taps, you can connect with other pet owners and help your rodent make new friends. So why wait?

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Tips for Choosing a Responsible Rodent Breeder and Preparing for a New Pup

When looking for a responsible rodent breeder, it’s essential to research and consider the following factors:
  • Look for breeders who prioritize health and well-being of their animals
  • Visit the breeder to see the living conditions of the rodents
  • Ask about their breeding practices and the health history of the parents
  • Choose a breeder who is knowledgeable about the breed and its characteristics
  • Ask about the return policy in case the animal does not meet your expectations
Before bringing home a new rodent pup, it is important to prepare by:


  • Providing a suitable living environment
  • Having necessary supplies such as cage, food, and bedding
  • Setting up a regular feeding and exercise routine
  • Scheduling regular veterinary check-ups
  • Being committed to providing the proper care and attention to your new pet.


Thank you Petmeetly.
We found Oliver for our Stacy, and it was Love at first sight. They had a good time together, and we are now waiting for the pups.

Ellie C.

Flushing, Queens, NY

Petmeetly, You are just awesome.
I was a bit pessimistic to start with as I have tried a couple of other websites without any success. But after my first conversation here with a pet owner, I got excited to see that this is real. We could not be happier with our new family members.

Stephanie S.

Manhattan, New York, NY

Petmeetly is the best.
Unlike so many match finders out there, these guys are not scammers. They connect with real people and real dog profiles with real photos.

Victor N

Orange, CA

Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Rodent Breeding

How often do rodents breed?

The frequency of rodent breeding varies per species, but in general, they have a very short gestation period and may breed multiple times each year. Female mice may have litters every 3 to 4 weeks, for example. Continuous breeding, on the other hand, is not advised for the mother’s or offspring’s health.

How many babies do hamsters have at once?

On average, hamsters have litters of 4 to 12 pups. Syrian hamsters typically produce 4 to 8 litters, however Dwarf hamsters may have 8 to 12 litters. The size of the litter is determined by many variables, including the mother’s breed, age, and health.

How long do you leave hamsters together to breed?

Hamsters should not be bred until they are completely grown, which happens at 3 to 4 months of age. When the female is in heat, she and the male should be separated for 24 to 48 hours in order to mate. After that, keep them apart to prevent aggressiveness and fighting.

Should I separate father hamster from babies?

Yes, it is advised that the father hamster be separated from the babies. Male hamsters may become hostile against the mother and her young, causing injury or death. After mating, the father hamster should be removed from the cage as soon as possible and should not be reintroduced until the kids are weaned.

What should I know before breeding rats?

Before raising rats, you should be familiar with the breed you’ve selected, as well as their behavior, health, and food. You should also have enough room to separate the male and female during pregnancy and after the litter is delivered. It is also important to study and plan for the duties and expenditures that come with raising a litter of rats.

What is mating behavior for gerbils?

Gerbil mating behavior varies by species, but gerbils are gregarious creatures that build close ties with their partners. Gerbils mate for life, generally with their cagemate. Before mating, the male would pursue and nuzzle the female. The female will arch her back and let the male to mount her if she is receptive. The mating procedure lasts just a few seconds, and if the female is still receptive, the male will pursue her again.

Kindly Note: The rodents listed on this page or any other locations listed on our website, are not pre-screened, and we accept no responsibility for the breeders’ certifications, guarantees, commitments, quality of service, or reputation. We highly recommend you interview them and ascertain rodents breed standards before dealing with them.

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