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How to find Pet Rodents for Sale?

Consider the following factors while selecting hamsters, guinea pigs, etc. as pets:


  • Different varieties of pet rats have varying room needs based on their size. Ensure you have sufficient room to offer your pet with a proper cage or environment.
  • Consider the temperament of the rodent pet you’re considering in purchasing. Choose a species that suits your lifestyle, since some are more sociable and energetic than others.
  • Choose an animal that seems active and healthy. Examine your pet for indications of disease, such as watery eyes or nasal discharge, and avoid sick animals.
  • Consider the age of the pet you’re considering. Young animals are often more active and easier to teach, but elderly pets may be calmer and simpler to maintain.
  • Some types of pet rodents, such as hamsters, may be aggressive towards one another; thus, it may be essential to adopt pets of the same gender.
  • Choose a reputed breeder or vendor who is educated about the pet rats they are selling and can give care instructions.
  • Consider the price of purchasing and maintaining the animal, including food, supplies, and veterinary care. Do not purchase from a pet shop or breeder if the price appears suspiciously cheap, since this may suggest that the animals are not being adequately cared for.
  • Consider the food requirements of the pet rodent in question. Before making a purchase, it is important to understand the nutritional needs of the species in question.
  • Consider the amount of interaction you’re willing to supply for your pet. Some species are sociable and need a great deal of care, whilst others are more independent.
  • Different types of pet rats have varying life spans, so you should evaluate how long you are ready to devote to their care.
  • Investigate the availability of veterinary treatment for the species you’re interested in in your region. Certain species could need specific care that is unavailable in your region.

How much does it cost to buy a pet rodent?

The price of a pet rodent varies based on the species and where you get it. A pet hamster or guinea pig may cost between $10 to $50 on average, but a more exotic species like a degu or chinchilla can cost up to $100 or more. Remember that these are just estimates, and that costs may vary based on your location and other variables.

It’s also crucial to consider the continuous expenditures of pet rat maintenance, including as food, bedding, toys, and veterinary treatment. These costs may quickly pile up, so keep them in mind when deciding whether or not to purchase a pet rodent.

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We were a bit nervous about buying a dog online, but PetMeetly put all our worries to rest. The seller was friendly and knowledgeable, and the process was simple and seamless. Our new fur baby is the light of our lives, and we have PetMeetly to thank for that.

Mark W.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Rodents for Sale

What is the most friendly hamster breed?

It might be tough to identify which hamster breed is the friendliest since each hamster has an own personality. Syrian hamsters, also known as Golden or Teddy Bear hamsters, are regarded to be one of the friendliest breeds and are a popular choice as a first pet.

What you need to know before buying a hamster?

Before purchasing a hamster, you should research their care needs, which include housing, food, and daily contact. You should also consider the expense of consumables and veterinarian care. Because hamsters are nocturnal animals, they may be more active at night and need a cage with enough area for them to walk about.

Do you need to potty train a hamster?

No, you do not need to toilet train a hamster. Hamsters are inherently clean creatures that will intuitively pick a particular area of their cage to use as a toilet. However, it is critical to supply an appropriate bedding material, like as paper or wood shavings, that can be readily cleaned or changed.

What is the easiest pet rodent to take care of?

Guinea pigs are often regarded as one of the simplest pet rodents to care for. They are sociable creatures that like interacting with their owners. They are also tough and low maintenance.

Which is the best pet rodent for a family?

This might vary based on the family’s individual requirements and tastes, but guinea pigs are often seen to be an excellent option for families with children. They are sociable creatures that like interaction and may make ideal pets for families that are prepared to spend time with them. However, it is critical for families with small children to oversee their interactions with the pet and ensure that they are treated gently and appropriately.

Kindly Note: The rodents listed on this page or any other locations listed on our website, are not pre-screened, and we accept no responsibility for the breeders’ certifications, guarantees, commitments, quality of service, or reputation. We highly recommend you interview them and ascertain rodents breed standards before dealing with them.

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