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Everything about Rat Terrier

Rat Terriers are a small dog breed known for their energetic nature and short, smooth coats. Here is some comprehensive information about this breed:

Rat terrier for adoption


Rat Terriers are a small to medium-sized breed, standing 10 to 18 inches tall at the shoulder on average.


A Rat Terrier typically weighs between 10 and 25 pounds.


Rat Terriers have a comparatively lengthy lifespan of 15 to 18 years when compared to other dog breeds.


Rat Terriers have a silky, short, dense coat that is simple to care for.


Rat Terriers have a short coat that is coarse.


Rat Terriers moderately shed, so regular brushing is necessary to maintain their coats healthy and to remove any loose hair. As their coat is simple to keep, they don’t need to be bathed frequently. They also require frequent ear cleaning, tooth brushing, and nail cutting.


Rat Terriers have a high degree of energy and need to be played with and exercised frequently. Running, hiking, and fetch are among of their favourite pastimes.


Rat Terriers are noisy and frequently bark, as is well known. Their barking may be managed, though, with the right training and socialising.


These dogs are noted for their intelligence, which enables them to perform a variety of tasks like pest control and hunting. They do well in canine sports like agility and obedience.

Adaptability and trainability

Rat Terriers are adaptable dogs that can live in a variety of settings, including apartments or homes with yards. They are highly intelligent and simple to train with the use of positive reinforcement techniques. Despite their potential stubbornness, behavioural problems can be avoided with constant training and socialisation.

Affectionate with family

Rat Terriers make kind and devoted friends who cherish time with their families. They are excellent watchdogs since they have a strong protective instinct.

Good with young children

If properly socialised from an early age, Rat Terriers can be good with small children. However, they might not tolerate rough play, so it’s crucial to watch how kids and dogs engage with one another.

Good with other dogs and animals

If properly socialised, Rat Terriers can get along with other canines and pets. They may, however, chase cats, rats, squirrels, and other small animals due to their high prey drive.

Behavior towards strangers

Rat Terriers can be wary of strangers and may bark at them or act distantly towards them. Appropriate socialisation can aid in preventing hostility or fear of strangers.

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Decided to adopt a Rat Terrier?

To guarantee a healthy and happy life for your new furry family member, it’s crucial to thoroughly consider these factors before introducing a Rat Terrier into your household.


  • Consider the breed’s history:

    Rat Terriers were originally bred to hunt rats on farms and in homes. This means that they have a high prey drive and may try to chase small animals. Potential owners should be aware of this trait and take steps to ensure their Rat Terrier is safely contained when outside.

  • Socialization is key:

    Rat Terriers are social dogs that enjoy spending time with their families. It is important to socialize them early and often to prevent shyness or aggression towards strangers or other dogs. Socialization should include exposure to different environments, people, and animals.

  • They are intelligent and energetic:

    Rat Terriers are highly intelligent and energetic dogs that require plenty of mental and physical stimulation to prevent boredom and destructive behaviors. This can include regular exercise, training, and puzzle toys.

  • Grooming is easy:

    Rat Terriers have a short, smooth coat that is easy to maintain with regular brushing. They are moderate shedders and may require occasional baths.

  • Training is important:

    Rat Terriers are highly trainable dogs that excel in obedience and agility competitions. However, they can be stubborn at times and may require patience and persistence when training.

  • They may have health issues:

    Like all dog breeds, Rat Terriers may be prone to certain health issues such as allergies, eye problems, and hip dysplasia. Potential owners should research the breed and be prepared for any potential health concerns.

  • They thrive on routine:

    Rat Terriers are creatures of habit and thrive on routine. It is important to establish a consistent daily routine for feeding, exercise, and training to keep them happy and healthy.

We put together a checklist to prepare you for your new Rat Terrier and to make your adoption process safe and stress-free.

We put together a checklist of essential factors to consider for a smooth and safe transfer of your Rat Terrier to the new owner.

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What is the average cost of adopting a Rat Tarrier?
The average cost of adopting a Rat Terrier can vary depending on several factors such as the age, location, and health of the dog. In general, the adoption fee for a Rat Terrier can range from $100 to $400. Some rescue organizations and animal shelters may offer lower fees or waive them altogether. It is important to note that the adoption fee is just one aspect of the total cost of owning a dog, as there will be ongoing expenses such as food, vet care, and grooming. Potential adopters should also consider the long-term commitment and responsibility of caring for a pet before making a decision to adopt.
Are Rat Tarrier good with children and other pets?
Yes, Rat Terriers are generally good with children and other pets when socialized properly. They are known for their playful and friendly nature, which makes them great companions for kids. However, as with any dog breed, it is important to supervise interactions between children and dogs to prevent any accidental injuries. Rat Terriers also get along well with other pets, including cats, but early socialization is key to ensure positive relationships. They may have a high prey drive, so it is important to introduce them to other pets slowly and carefully. Overall, Rat Terriers can make great family pets when given proper training and socialization.
How much exercise does a Rat Tarrier need?
Rat Terriers are an energetic breed and require regular exercise to maintain good physical and mental health. They typically need at least 30-60 minutes of exercise per day, which can include brisk walks, jogs, playtime, and training sessions. As with any breed, exercise needs can vary based on age, health, and individual temperament. It is important to provide a variety of physical and mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. Lack of exercise and mental stimulation can lead to boredom and destructive behaviors. Potential owners should consider their lifestyle and ability to provide enough exercise before adopting a Rat Terrier.
Are Rat Tarriers hypoallergenic?

Rat Terriers are not considered to be hypoallergenic dogs. They have a short, smooth coat that sheds moderately year-round, which can trigger allergies in some people. However, their coat is easy to maintain with regular brushing, which can help reduce shedding and minimize allergens. Additionally, Rat Terriers are not heavy droolers, which can be beneficial for people with allergies. While there is no such thing as a completely hypoallergenic dog, some breeds are less likely to cause an allergic reaction than others. Potential owners with allergies should spend time with the breed before adopting to see if they have a reaction.

Should I adopt a Rat Tarrier puppy or an adult dog?
The decision to adopt a Rat Terrier puppy or an adult dog depends on personal preference, lifestyle, and ability to provide care. Puppies require more time and effort in terms of training, socialization, and housebreaking. They also require more frequent vet visits for vaccinations, deworming, and spaying/neutering. Adult dogs, on the other hand, may already be trained and have established personalities and behaviors. They may require less attention and may be more settled in their routines. Adopting an adult dog can also be a great option for people who want to skip the puppy stage. Ultimately, it is important to consider the time, effort, and resources required to care for a dog at any age before making a decision.

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