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Top 10 Most Expensive Large Dog Breeds

Our dogs are some of the most precious things in our lives, We treasure them so much that we even get them insured. They have such a special place in our hearts, and we’re always showering them with love and affection. But have you ever wondered just how much we’re willing to spend on our furry friends? We go all out for them, every single day. Whether it’s a pedigree from a breeder or a sweet rescue from the shelter, our love doesn’t measure in dollars, does it?

Did you know that on average, Americans spend about $1,675 a year on their dogs? And if you’re going for a purebred, the cost can be up to five times higher than a mixed breed. That might sound like a whole lot, but guess what? There are even more expensive dog breeds out there.

What Makes Certain Dogs So Costly?

Have you ever wondered why some purebred dogs are super expensive? It’s pretty fascinating
Let’s break it down in a fun way:
  • Birthing

    It’s not easy or cheap bringing those cute puppies into the world.

  • Feeding

    They need loads of food to grow up big and strong.

  • Vaccinations

    Yup, just like human kids, puppies need their shots.

  • Special Training

    Some are even trained to be service or guard dogs.

  • Medicines

    They might need meds just like we do

  • Grooming

    Those purebreds need regular haircuts and brushings.

  • Pedigree

    It’s all about their impressive family tree.

  • Coat Colors

    Some colors are super rare and special

The cost of purebred dogs? It can range from a few hundred bucks to thousands – like splurging on a cool gadget or even a used car.
These dogs need lots of medical care, grooming, and come from special doggy families. If they’re show dogs, there’s even more training and care involved.
Here’s a wild example: In South Carolina, there’s this company selling guard dogs for $30,000 to $80,000. Why? These pups are trained from puppyhood to be top-notch guards, attending special doggy schools and learning tons of commands, sometimes in different languages.

Other Factors Behind High Prices

  • Rare Breeds

    if a puppy is from a rare breed, it’s like having a rare gem. They’re not just your everyday puppy, which makes them a bit more special and, well, pricey.

  • AKC Recognition

    if the breed has just been recognized by the American Kennel Club – that’s a big deal! It’s like the puppy’s breed just won a prestigious award. That recognition can really push up their value

  • Small Litters

    Then there’s the size of the litter. Breeds with smaller litters are like limited edition runs. Fewer puppies mean they’re in higher demand, which can bump up their price.

  • Coastal Origins

    Even the location plays a part. Puppies from the East or West coasts can be pricier. Maybe it’s the high cost of living there, or certain breeds just being more popular in those areas.

Waiting for one of these special pups can take a while. And show dogs? They’re usually even more expensive because of their perfect looks and champion parents.
So, when you see a purebred with a jaw-dropping price tag, think about all the special care, training, and their fancy lineage. It’s fascinating.

Most Expensive Dog Breeds List

Leonberger – $1,800 – $3,500

Leonbergers are big, friendly dogs from Germany. They’re a mix of Newfoundland, Saint Bernard, and Great Pyrenees breeds. These dogs love to play in the mud and have lots of fur, so they can be messy and shed a lot. They’re not great for people who want a very clean house.
Training a Leonberger takes patience because they’re smart but can be a bit naughty. They’re good at dog sports and helping people, like in therapy or rescue work. They like being around other pets and are gentle, but because they’re so big, you have to watch them around small kids.
Now, while these dogs are a rare find, they do tend to rack up the vet bills. They’re prone to some pricey health issues, like corneal dystrophy, autoimmune conditions, and heart problems, which can add up to around $5,000. Leonbergers don’t like it when people argue and they love being with their family. They’re not happy if left alone for a long time. They need a good amount of exercise every day. Before getting a Leonberger, make sure you have enough space for them, like a yard, and don’t mind a bit of mess.

Also, they can be good for keeping your home safe because they’re big and have a loud bark. But remember, they do shed a lot of fur, especially during certain times of the year.

Saluki – $1,000-$3,000

Salukis are like the noble athletes of the dog world, with a history that goes way back. They’re super fast and graceful, which is why they were called ‘The Noble’ by the people who first bred them. They’re built for speed with a sleek body and a long head.
They’re not the kind of dogs that jump all over you, but they show their love in quiet ways. They choose their friends carefully, but once you’re in, you’re in for life. These dogs are really pretty with a kind of exotic look, but they’re also independent and love to chase things. If something moves, they’re after it! They can run up to 35 miles an hour, so they need a safe place to play without getting into danger.
They love to run around in a big fenced yard. If you don’t have a big yard, a safe park or enclosed area works too. They’re great running buddies and good at dog sports. At home, they love a soft couch and might sneak some snacks when you’re not looking.
It’s important to introduce them to lots of people and new things so they don’t get shy. They’re quiet but make good watchdogs, though they’re not the type to guard. Training them takes patience as they like to do their own thing.
Salukis are better with older kids and need a family that’s not gone all the time. They get really attached to their people. If you have the space and time for a fast, elegant dog, a Saluki could be your perfect match.

Chow Chow – $1200 to $4000

Chow Chow
They’re these adorable, stocky little furballs with either blue or black tongues. They’re pretty well-known, but not always as popular as other breeds on our list. Some people think they’re a bit standoffish, and they can be, but let me tell you about my rehomed Chow.

She is quite selective about her friends, much like her momma here. Despite being a bit choosy with her company, she was super loving and affectionate. And oh boy, was she strong-willed and territorial Plus, she absolutely loved her treats.

Chow Chows used to be working dogs, but now they’re more like professional cuddlers in our homes. They’ve got a bit of a rep for being aggressive with other dogs, but with the right socialization, they can learn to play nice.

These ancient breeds are really something special and usually have a lifespan of about 8-12 years. But, just a heads-up, they can have some health issues like hip dysplasia, allergies, and thyroid problems. So, if you’re thinking about getting a Chow Chow, just remember they’re a unique blend of love, loyalty, and a little bit of sass.

Tibetan Mastiff – $2000 to $6000

Tibetan Mastiff
Tibetan Mastiff is like the superstar of the dog world when it comes to price tags. Get this, a business mogul once shelled out a whopping 1.5 million for a purebred Red Tibetan Mastiff, That’s a figure most of us can only dream of affording.
These dogs are part of the working group and can be huge, weighing up to 180 lbs. They’re not just big, though; they’re also one of the best guard dogs you can find, with a watchful and somewhat intimidating presence.
But, if you’re considering getting a Tibetan Mastiff, there are a few health things to watch out for:
Elbow and Hip Dysplasia/Joint Issues: These big guys can have joint problems.
Eye Anomalies: Gotta keep an eye on their eye health.
Hypothyroidism: This can affect their energy levels and overall health..
So, while owning a Tibetan Mastiff might be like having a furry celebrity at home, remember they come with their own set of superstar needs.

Rottweiler – $100 to $8,000

They’re pretty famous in the dog world and, yep, they come with a pretty hefty price tag too. But let me tell you, these dogs are so much more than their price.
Rotties have done it all:
Working Dogs:They’re the hardworking type.
Guard Dogs: Talk about a loyal bodyguard.
Drovers: These guys used to drive cattle.
Draft Dogs:Strong enough to pull carts.
Rescue Dogs: Heroes in fur coats.
Police Dogs They’re on the side of law and order.
Calling a Rottweiler protective is like saying ice cream is just okay – a huge understatement, They’re incredible companions, always ready to stand by your side. Trust me, having a Rottie means having a loyal friend for life.

Akita – $1,000 and $3,000

Akitas are these big, strong dogs that look kind of tough but are super loving with their families. They’re really loyal and like to stick close to you, almost like they’re on a mission to be your personal bodyguard. They’re brave and don’t back down easily, but they’re also pretty quiet unless they have a good reason to make noise. It’s funny, they do this thing where they kinda talk to themselves in grunts and mumbles.
They’re not too quick to make friends with strangers, but they’re cool with guests if you’re around. You should let them meet lots of people so they don’t get too shy. Akitas have this cute habit where they carry things in their mouths, even your hand, but it’s just their way of showing they care, not being mean.
They’re really clean, grooming themselves like cats, and they’re sneaky when they’re hunting, just like tigers. Akitas are strong and like to be the boss, so training them is super important. They’re smart but can be stubborn, so training takes time and patience. They need lots of time with their family and don’t do well just hanging out in the backyard.
There’s this thing about Akitas – there are two types, Japanese and American, and they’re pretty different. The Japanese ones are smaller and fox-like, while the American ones are bigger with a broad head. The American type can have a black mask on their face, but that’s a no-go for the Japanese type. Deciding which one to get is a big choice and depends on what you like.
Akitas are great at hunting and even agility sports, despite being a bit headstrong. Training can be tough, but it’s really rewarding when you start winning together. They’re not the easiest dogs for first-timers, but if you’re up for the challenge, they’re amazing, loyal companions.

Dogo Argentino – $2,000 and $3,000

Dogo Argentino
They’re also called Argentinian Mastiffs or Argentine dogos, these pups are almost always white and quite stunning to look at. But heads up, they can have some health issues like allergies, and sometimes even deafness or blindness.
These dogs are no lightweights, weighing in at a hefty 80-100 lbs of pure muscle. Despite their size, they’re surprisingly great with kids and are fiercely loyal protectors of their human families.
Training a Dogo Argentino? Well, you’ve got to be firm but fair. They respond best to consistent “Alpha dog” training with lots of positive vibes. It’s all about showing who’s boss in a kind way. These powerful, muscular dogs are all about the pack life and know how to fit right into the family hierarchy.

Now, check out their impressive skill set:

Hunting: They’re natural-born hunters.
Guarding:Talk about a loyal bodyguard.
Tracking: They’ve got a nose for adventure.
Narcotics Detection: Sniffing out trouble.
Guides for the Blind: Helping those in need.
Competitive Obedience They love a good challenge.
Police Work On the side of law and order.
Military Work: Serving with honor.
Schutzhund: A type of dog training for protection.
So, if you’re thinking about a Dogo Argentino, remember you’re getting a dog that’s as versatile as they come – a true jack-of-all-trades in the dog world.

Pharaoh Hound – $6,000 to $8,000

Pharaoh Hound
It’s Malta’s pride and joy, These dogs are not just smart, they’re lightning fast and super alert. They’re champs at obedience and hunting because they really want to make their humans happy.
But here’s the coolest part: these dogs have a party trick that’s totally unique. When they’re happy or excited, their noses and ears actually blush a reddish color.
The name “Pharaoh Hound” is spot on, because these dogs look like they’ve stepped right out of royalty. They have these impossibly long necks, a posture that screams elegance, big ears that stand up straight, and their gaze is so intense.

Afghan Hound – $1,500 to $4,000

Afghan Hound
Afghan Hound – they’re like the fashion icons of the dog world seriously, these pups look like they’re always ready for a fancy lunch in the most stylish spot in town with their amazing hairdos.
But here’s the thing: they’re pretty independent and can be a bit aloof, especially around kids. These beauties were originally bred in Afghanistan and were the go-to companions for nomadic tribes hunting hares and gazelles in the mountains. They’re incredible jumpers and have become a real hit in dog shows, thanks to their long, flowing locks that almost look human.
When you pet them, you’ll notice they’re quite slim, usually weighing around 50-60 lbs. But don’t let their slender build fool you – they’re full of energy.
Afghan Hounds can get bored pretty easily, even though they learn fast. So, they need a lot of mental and physical exercises to keep them happy. Otherwise, that pent-up energy might turn into some less-than-desirable behavior. They’re like the high-society members of the dog park who need their daily dose of fun and games.

Azawakh – $8,000 to $8,500

Azawakh? Yeah, it’s pronounced “AZ-uh-wok.” These guys are part of the hound group and are kind of like the supermodels of the dog world. They’re medium-sized, weighing between 33-55 lbs, and have this lean, lanky look that’s totally eye-catching.
Get this: Azawakhs have been around for over 1,000 years, originally hunting gazelles. Can you imagine? Next time you’re watching a dog show, keep your eyes peeled for these elegant beauties. They’re absolutely stunning to watch.
But they’re not just pretty faces. Originally, these dogs were both guardians and hunters for nomadic tribes. Nowadays, these rare pups are more about being loving companions.


We’ve just gone through the list of the world’s most expensive dog breeds. Talk about a ka-ching moment, But hey, not everyone’s rushing out to get one of these high-ticket pups. Maybe you see it as an investment, or perhaps you’re more inclined to rescue your next furry best friend.
It’s important to remember, whether you go for a rescue dog or splurge on one from this pricey list, the behavior of each dog can vary a lot. It’s not all about the breed or the price tag.
And here’s a crucial piece of advice: do your homework on breeders. There are plenty of them out there just looking to make a quick buck. But don’t worry, the good ones can often be found on Petmeetly or through the specific dog breed’s club.
If you do decide to go the breeder route, I hope you have an awesome experience when you visit and check everything out. Just a heads-up: you might need to bring a hefty wallet. But in the end, it’s all about finding that perfect, tail-wagging companion.
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