What Our Members Are Saying

Thank you for providing this animal match-up platform, as it fulfills a function that could otherwise only be done by posting on multiple social media platforms. It really is a GREAT service.

Lee Wolfe

Arizona, US

Chester is meeting a lot of great partners through your website. We are very happy.
Tracey Swinamer

Massachusetts, US

A mate was found almost instantly through Petmeetly. Although we have found a mate for Lucy, we wish to keep our options open in case the mate becomes unavailable when Lucy is ready. This has been a pleasant experience and the reminder that a possible match had been found was good.
Suzanne Sear

Ontario, CA

We managed to find a girlfriend for Joey after a while. She is very sweet, beautiful, polite and healthy. Together they made 7 beautiful puppies. We are very happy with our new family members.
Michele Silva

Massachusetts, US

Had the best experience on this website to find my dog a stud! She had 9 beautiful puppies. Thank you!


California, US

Hi Guys, Archie did find a mate and thanks to petmeetly team for it. I am looking to find one more mate, before April 2024, post which Archie will be neutered. Merry christmas and a very happy new year in advance to you guys. Cheers

Ashish Dewan

New York, US

Petmeetly helped us connect our male golden with a female that was pretty close to us. Things went great with our meet and greet and Mama had 7 female puppies! We are thankful for the connection! At times the app was a little cumbersome to use, but we figured it out. Thank you!

Tamie Peel

Ohio, US

Personally I had low hopes for this app after making an account and seeing how many matches I had. Many of them were located too far away from me and it was demotivating. I reached out on Facebook and thought it would work out better until I got an unexpected message from someone on petmeetly who was in my city! Everything worked out and the puppies were born 2 days ago. I’m so thankful to you all for this app! It’s a great way for finding a mate for your pup I just wish it was advertised more and more people used it. I’ve advertised it by word of mouth to neighbors who’d be interested but I think more advertising on the internet is needed so that more people can find each other within more reasonable distances. I’m also not a huge fan of the wait time for messages but I understand why it’s there. This way only serious users can get weeded out from fake accounts etc. And that’s exactly what happened with Benji’s mate. They’d bought premium and messaged me, which I’m very grateful for. Thanks again for making a platform like this for pet owners to find suitable mates for their pets!

Klaudia K

Alberta, CA

The site serves its purpose well

William Hueston

Ohio, US

Petmeetly makes it easy to tie in with and find mates and see other pets

California, US

It was a nice experience. We were able to find a right pet for ourselves .
Navya Sai Sree

Telangana, IN

My experience was a good one with Petmeetly. Although it took a while to find the right cat that I was looking for, it was worth it, because at the end I found the perfect match. My mum and I are very happy now with the cat that we got through Petmeetly. Thank you.

Namdar Baghaeiyazdi

England, GB

You are doing a great job.

Oregon, US

Petmeetly worked great.
John Schall

Oregon, US

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