3 Reasons Why You Need A Cat

by | Jun 28, 2022

reasons why you need a cat

Ah, here comes the Marvelous June!

A month represents affection and generosity and is associated with the passions of love and desire. This blooming month also marks the “kitten season” wave, where cats mate left and right.

According to meowtel.com (2020), there are 3,2 million kittens born ready to be adopted and often end up in animal shelters. Can you believe that?

These facilities usually have limited funding and space; thus, caring for and raising these kittens would be a real challenge. Due to this root of the problem, “Adopt–a–Cat Month” was founded. American Humane supported this initiative, which aims to help and promote cat adoptions across the US and highlight the issue of cat spaying and neutering. This celebrated event would not only save the kittens but also helps to improve the construction of animal shelters.

OK. That’s good. So What??

What is in it for you?


According to Straede & Gates (2015), it is found that cats, especially kittens, make better companions, and it emphasizes that cat owners are more psychologically healthy than non-pet owners. Often said, cats can attribute to other things such as:

1. Lower Your Risk Of Heart Disease

Why You need a cat

In one study mentioned in Newman (2018) article that analyzed more than 4000 people for 13 years, it is stated that people who have owned cats are less likely to die of a heart attack/disease than those who have never owned a pet. The reason?

Because cats have this calming energy around them, that could also be considered a preventative medicine than those undergoing therapy. For example, A cat purring is proven to be the most therapeutic sound to relax the humans’ bones and muscles.

A cat purring is proven to be the most therapeutic sound to relax the humans’ bones and muscles.

2. Helps Stress Management

What would be a better way to relieve a stress? Sometimes maybe a pet is what you need! On the bright side, Cats can be well–adjusted to a group of people. They will also bring joy and delight to everyone, so whenever people come home with the stress of work and other things, it can help reduce back pains, headaches, and colds. Cats tend to help their owners to overcome their issues and face their problems better. It is also noted that cats can help a person relieve stress and anxiety. To conclude, people with cats can experience fewer negative emotions and help people build caring behaviors and compassion.
Why You need a cat

3. Improve Relationship

Why You need a cat
Human – pet relationships significantly have an important role in development and health. A cat is accepting, consistent, and affectionate, which can contribute to the level of a person’s basic needs towards self-worth and love. The Jakarta Post article also approves this statement: “Positive feelings about dogs/cats may engender positive feelings about people, or vice-versa,” wrote Rose Perrine and Hannah Osbourne of Eastern Kentucky University. It is suggested that a cat can be a crucial element in bringing people closer together and improving interaction and communication.

In Conclusion

Cats can be your supportive best friend during hard times. Want to find a cat that matches best for you? Choose your next best friend from hundreds of cute kittens near you from petmeetly

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